• Matrioska



    Mémé Zuca pushes the boundaries of NFT generative art, working with complex body types, poses and detailed design calling from her surrealist roots.

    Matrioska puts the community and the artist at the centre of the project. We are committed to leveraging stake pool operation and NFT technology for working artists. No scams, no gimmicks, no cash grab, no false promises.

    Owning Matrioska makes you a core member of the community. Just like the matryoshka doll that inspired the project, there’s always more inside: each Matrioska entitles the owner to Nested Benefits. Nested Benefits will include access to our web3 infrastructure services, access to our Ethereum Node to receive operator rewards alongside node stake, exclusive galleries, high quality printables, 1/1 auctions, airdrops on L2s and presale access to future collections.

    Owners of Matrioska will have community control over the first totally independent, community-driven, rural and sustainable Ethereum staking node and IPFS webserver gateway with professional-grade infrastructure.

    Matrioska is committed to spreading our approach to the NFT space and leveraging this technology for the benefit of artists and communities around the world by building the physical infrastructure that makes decentralized web and NFT technology possible. Our Nested Benefits also include access to the framework of the project itself - support for budding artists and project managers, templates and frameworks for new artists entering the NFT space, collaboration opportunities, space for development and sharing ideas and projects, and most importantly, IPFS gateway and a physical file storage server system to rival anyone in the web3 space - no more need for Amazon Web Services for the physical storage and hosting of your precious NFTs!

    Matrioska is more than just another profile picture collection. It is Artist-centred, community-driven and an infrastructural contribution to the decentralized web. Matrioska aims to bring together developers, artists, speculators, appreciators and degens alike to collaborate, benefit and create real opportunities in the space - physical and digital.

    The Team

    Mémé_Zuca is a talented visual artists in the Italian Apennines. She has been painting canvases, murals and making embroidery art since before the internet reached her zone. Having finally figured her way around computers, and recently receiving a digital tablet; Meme has been spitting out visuals at an unbelievable pace since going digital. A surrealist at heart, Meme is trying hard to not get political and let her images speak for themselves.
    Ale is a high school philosophy and compuSci teacher with a keen interest in exploring how web3 solutions can be applied for practical material needs. He is a nomad and environmentalist inspired by quantum finance, anti-monopoly, the democratisation of capital, and real world applications that unfold within the crypto space. Ale has recently packed up his computer to move to the Apennine backwoods and try a hand at organic farming, and hopes to bring web3 solutions along with him.
    Pi0 is an IT infrastructure specialist and stake pool operator. Being born in the wrong place at the wrong time, he probably would’ve succeeded in harnessing fire if Prometheus hadn’t beaten him to it. NFTs, crypto, blockchain and web3 seem like the next closest thing. Pi0 has years of experience running professional IT networks and building web server infrastructure. He works at the cutting edge of internet technology and is ready to push web3 towards maturity.
    Dave has been rugged one time too many and finally realized that, if this space is gonna grow and grow well, he’s gotta get involved in it himself. Dave’s been through all the highs and lows of the market cycle and made it out the other side - he’s finally figured out what a good project needs and has turned his hand to building. Bringing fresh ideas to the crypto space and committed to making something real.

    Project Values

    We value art, freedom, democracy, direct action, mutual aid, rural living, good food, the earth, sincerity and a general celebration of life. We will never knock anyone down or take advantage of others and we expect the community to hold the same ethos.

    We will not tolerate anyone in the community who promotes racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic rhetoric. There is no space in our community for hate.

    We are all aware of how many scammers, rug pullers and ponzi schemes operate in the crypto space and will not tolerate anyone trying to push, sell or exchange false hopes and promises, nor try to take advantage of newcomers naivety.


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